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A One-stop Beauty Salon

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Nail Care

An excellent nail treatment imparts a silky touch and an air of poise. As every woman is aware, a perfect makeover is actually done once her hands and feet are in tip-top shape, which is why the nail spa from a Luxury Beauty Salon in Dubai is essential. Posh Nails elevates the nail salon experience in the city by offering the very Best Nail Care Services.

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Hair Care

Staffed by a number of trained stylists at its disposal, Posh Nails is Dubai’s premier Beauty Salon in Dubai. We can give you a complete hair revamp or an iron curl that makes you look great.

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Facial Treatments

Take time to sit back, unwind in our beauty centre with seamless pampering. Wind down while our experts help you achieve glowing skin from the inside out. With Posh Nails, you will get the reliable facial treatments available for your skincare and we will take care of your unique requirements.

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Eyelash / Eyebrows

Whether it’s eyelash refill, extension, eyebrow tinting, let the beauty practitioners at Posh Nails , Luxury Beauty Salon in Dubai pamper your eyebrows and lashes.

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Waxing / Threading

Would you like to have your entire body waxed? Maybe you'd like to thread your upper lip? No matter what your requirements for hair removal are, considering the cost, time and ouch factor, our specialists are here to make the process painless and seamless for you. Feel the difference of supple skin with hot or warm wax.

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Posh Nails, Luxury Beauty Salon in Dubai offers a wide variety of massage treatments. Every massage treatment we offer, no matter if it is head, shoulder, back massage, back massage or even full body massage, they are affordably priced without compromising on quality.

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