Best Waxing Services in Dubai Getting The Most Out of Waxing, Tips, and Benefits
Best Waxing Services in Dubai

Getting The Most Out of Waxing, Tips, and Benefits

We all love to have soft and smooth skin, a full body waxing is the best way to get that smoothness. This is the affordable and best way to remove body hairs safely. Waxing covers areas like underarms, neck down, legs, arms, and bikini areas. This makes hair grow slower than shaving. Waxing is the way to get hair free and soft to touch body. Full body waxing is so tiresome, so it is better to get it done from the Best Waxing Services in Dubai.

What is waxing?

Waxing is a hair removal process where wax strips are used to remove the hair from the roots. At Poshnails, the Best Beauty Salon in Dubai we use products that are clinically tested and proven to prevent skin irritation. For all sensitive and delicate skin cream based strip wax is used. The wax we use is natural, have natural antioxidants, excellent emollient, and is good for all types of skin. Before waxing oil is applied all over the skin to protect your skin from wax. After the waxing process oil is applied to soothe, calm, and remove the excess wax residues in the skin.  

Will hair grow thicker after waxing?

Many people have this misconception that hair will grow thicker after waxing. But that is not the truth. Waxing helps to remove hair from its root. This process will weaken the root of the hair. So, after regular waxing, the hair will become finer and sparser with regularly repeated waxing. Know about waxing from Posh Nails, the best Waxing Salon in Dubai.

Tips for full body waxing

There are certain things you have to keep in mind before going for waxing,

  • Make sure you exfoliate the day before your wax. 
  • On the day of waxing do not apply body moisturizers.
  • Do not use fragranced and heavy chemical lotions after waxing.
  • After waxing avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours.
  • Use deodorant before going for an underarm wax because the hair comes off more comfortably. 
  • Post-waxing avoid hot therapies for 24 hours.
  • Don’t shave in between waxing appointments.
  • For the next waxing, section wait 3-4 weeks for the hair to grow to a suitable length.

Benefits of waxing

There are a lot of advantages you will get by waxing your body. Know more about waxing from Posh Nails, the Best Waxing services in Dubai. Waxing has become a popular choice for hair removal. The significant benefits of waxing are,

  • The waxing method is so fast and efficient. It helps to save time.
  • You can wax at your home or at a salon. It is always better to approach a salon for good results. 
  • Most of the gels and creams cause irritation and allergies. Wax is less irritating.
  • When compared with shaving waxing gives better results. It removes hair from the roots.
  • It gives a silky and smoother skin. The more you wax, the more time the hair will take to grow. Hair regrowth is much slower after waxing.

Waxing promotes less hair growth. There are many benefits to waxing when compared with other hair removal methods.

As you all know waxing is a little painful, so it is better to consult trained professionals to get yourself waxed. Approach Posh Nails, the Best Waxing Services in Dubai, we have professional experts and give the best results to all parts of the body.

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