Gel Manicure in dubai Everything About Gel Manicure in Dubai

Everything About Gel Manicure in Dubai

The popularity of gel nail polish is a direct result of its many benefits. You can find it in almost every Nail Salon in Dubai. It’s virtually indestructible, unbelievably glossy, and extremely affordable. Gel polish adheres to the nails more tightly and resists chipping without chipping, unlike traditional lacquers. Following these tips will help you maintain healthy natural nails and make your Gel Manicure last longer at the Best Beauty Salon in Dubai.

Let Your Nail Breathe In Between Gel Manicure

In any case, regular manicures can weaken your nails regardless of whether you use gel or traditional polish. In addition, the nail plate can thin as a result of dehydration. You should therefore take a break from nail sessions to keep your nails healthier and safer. 

If Your Gel Polish Is Peeling, Don’t Pick It

The picking process is one thing that gel manicure lovers have in common. You might feel tempted to remove the colour when it begins to lift. However, water can get into the nail as the peeling and lifting begins. As a result, bacteria can grow and fungi can develop. Gels are completely safe to use for an extended period of time as long as they are applied and removed correctly. 

Bathing or Showering In Hot Water Can Cause Gel Polish To Lift

Gel Manicures are most vulnerable to hot water. In other words, soaking them is the most effective way to get rid of them. When bathing, showering, or sitting in a hot tub for a long amount of time, lifting may occur. Avoid these as much as possible and keep them to a minimum. In addition to that, you should remember to always wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes.

Hydrate Your Nails

It is vital for your health that you drink plenty of water. This is also true for your nails. Therefore, you should hydrate your nails between salon visits with vitamin C, avocado, apricot, coconut, or any other similar product. 

Give Your Skin Some TLC After Gel Manicure Is Removed 

Rehydrating the nail plate, the skin around it, and the cuticle is essential. Use either an overnight mask or a thick emollient to help do the job. Using this treatment, skin, cuticles, and nails are rehydrated, repaired, and strengthened.

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