Hair Care in Dubai Brazilian Keratin Treatment: The Best Hair Care in Dubai
Best Hair Care in Dubai

Brazilian Keratin Treatment: The Best Hair Care in Dubai

Are you having trouble getting a hold of your hair? Even after many treatments and products, do you still have dry, damaged, or frizzy hair? It’s time you try one of the best Beauty Salon in Dubai to get a Brazilian keratin treatment.  

It is now one of the most sought-after Hair Care in Dubai, and it is only because of the amazing results it produces. Since it is equally effective on all hair types, the popularity of this particular hair treatment is rapidly increasing.

Both humans and animals produce keratin, a protein compound that plays an important structural role in their skin, hair and nails. In a way, hair can be compared to a ladder or staircase, with different strength bonds as steps in the structure formed from amino acids, including cysteine, which is rich in hair-strengthening sulphur.

In terms of structure, straight hair resembles a conventional ladder, while curly hair resembles a spiral staircase. Stronger sulphur bonds makes hair thick and strong. When these bonds break, the spiral staircase turns into a ladder, allowing the hair to permanently change from curly to straight.

The Peculiarity Of The Brazilian Keratin Treatment And How It Works.

It may seem quite unusual to use a keratin treatment when our hair is already 95% keratin. But the fact is that these can be easily damaged and leached. So, it is necessary to provide our hair with the necessary proteins to make it healthier and smoother.

There are many factors that can cause damage. Especially the constant use of thermal styling tools, chemical treatments such as coloring. In addition, stress is surprisingly an important factor that damages the hair structure.

The absence of keratin can make the hair look dull, frizzy and extremely brittle. Hair gains strength, shine, and becomes thicker once replaced. Additionally, Brazilian keratin treatments use amino acids with a low pH that both makes it smoother and repair the hair, which is fantastic for anyone who wants to grow their hair.

Posh Nails

Posh Nails, one of the best affordable Hair salons in Dubai, offers the Best Hair Care in Dubai and all other premium hair care treatments. At Posh, we offer Brazilian keratin treatment, the most popular hair care treatment in Dubai. This particular hair treatment strengthens the hair immensely.

Moreover, treatments like this are very important in today’s society where people are constantly damaging their hair by colouring, straightening, curling and so on. So, if you are unhappy about your hair condition, contact Posh Nails and find your ideal solution. Our experts in beauty and skincare will help you in every step of your journey.

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