Nail Spa in Duba Is It Expensive To Have Nails Done In Dubai?
Nail Spa in Duba

Is It Expensive To Have Nails Done In Dubai?

Getting some quality self-care time is a must in today’s busy world. Especially if you are residing in Dubai, there are many great places where you get a good pampering for your nails. It not only offers healthy nails but a good manicure or pedicure is also a great way to relax and thereby remove your stress. When a person decides to get their nails done, the first thing that usually comes into their mind will be the expense. 

Dubai is not short on nail services. You can choose any type of manicure or nail service from the plethora of options laid out by the top Nail Spa in Dubai. There are several varieties of services depending upon your mood, current trends, lifestyle and most importantly the budget. To help you find your ideal manicure, here is a guide to different nail services you can get from the best Nail Spa in Dubai:

Classic Mani-Pedi

If you are someone who prefers to have natural nails, this is the ideal one for you. The whole procedure goes through all the classic manicure steps like cuticle removal, filing, hand massage and trimming your nails. The final step, painting your nails is optional. If you like to have your nails painted you can go for it otherwise you will be left with beautiful and clean looking natural nails. 

The whole procedure takes up to an hour. It is an easy and relaxing process. Moreover, it is good for your nails. You can get this treatment done at budget-friendly rates from any of the leading Luxury Beauty Service in Dubai. 

Acrylic Nails

Acrylics are a mixture of liquid and powder. When combined, they create hard acrylic nails. Acrylic nails can be moulded in several ways by your expert technician. It can either be round, ballerina, coffin, flare or square. Embellishments or nail art can also be added.

It’s easier than you think to find an acrylic service near you. Acrylics usually last for six to eight weeks. Depending on the growth of your nails, you may need to fill them every few weeks. This can give your nail a fresh and stylish look without a doubt.

What is the best place to find all these quality services without spending a fortune?

If you are keeping yourself from getting all these nail services just because of the expense, Posh Nails makes it easy for you. As a Nail Spa in Dubai, Posh Nails offers all types of beauty and skincare at rates you can always afford. Along with that, we never fail to compromise on the quality of service they provide. That our expert team of professionals make Posh Nails the Best Salon in Dubai.

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