Gel Polish Pedicure in Dubai Everything You Need to Know About Gel Pedicure
Gel Polish Pedicure in Dubai

Everything You Need to Know About Gel Pedicure

All of us believe that our inner strength is what gives us confidence. But, we usually forget about the confidence that we get from a perfect outer appearance. Your hair, nails, dressing sense everything decides your confidence. So, it is important to maintain a perfect look to increase your confidence and make you look confident in front of others. Nails also play a prominent part. We all know about gel manicures. It has become second nature to us to take the polish off at home safely without damaging our nails when it chips off, and we learn how long it will last before chipping off. In such cases, you can take gel pedicures into consideration. Get the best Gel Polish Pedicure in Dubai from Posh Nails. A gel pedicure will make your nails look beautiful for more than 2 weeks. 

Pedicures with gel: Step-by-Step

The gel pedicure is done by cutting the nails, and lightly soaking the feet for some time. After that, a thorough cleaning is done followed by cutting the cuticles, a callus treatment, a scrub, and a massage. Finally, a base coat layer, two layers of color, and a top coat layer is given. After the application of every layer of gel polish, the feet are placed under a LED light for 30 seconds or 60 or 90 seconds after the top coat. Before the nail polish is painted the feel nails are treated well. The LED lights are used to dry the nails quickly. Experience the best Gel Polish Pedicure in Dubai from Posh Nails.

Duration of gel pedicure

Getting a gel polish pedicure is worth it because it lasts longer than manicures. The pedicures usually last longer based on the product used and technicians’ skills. Get the best pedicures from the experts from Posh Nails, Nail Salon in Dubai. 

When to get a gel pedicure?

Gel pedicures usually last longer. So you don’t have to worry about the dulling of polish. It is always good to have a gel polish pedicure done if you are going on a vacation to the beach or pool. This water will contain chlorine that can damage your nails. 

Benefits of gel pedicure

You’re more likely to choose a gel pedicure over a traditional pedicure if you learn about the benefits and safety precautions. Get your nails done with Gel Polish Pedicure in Dubai from Posh Nails.

  • Shorter drying time
  • They last longer
  • Intense shine
  • Easy to work with
  • Protects your nails
  • Natural looking nails
  • Great for first-time users
  • Easy to maintain
  • With proper maintenance, it can last longer
  • Give you a confidence

Gel pedicures are becoming more and more popular in the cosmetic world. Make your nails beautiful with a gel polish pedicure from the Best Parlour in Dubai, Posh Nails.

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