Russian Volume Lashes What Exactly Are Eye Lash Extensions?
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What Exactly Are Eye Lash Extensions?

People say eyes too can speak. Therefore, it is essential to make your eyelashes thick and beautiful. The best way to do this is by extending your eyelashes. This is a semi-permanent way to give your eyelashes a dense look and volume without applying a single layer of mascara. If you have a lot of doubts regarding eyelash extension and are confused by all the options available then you have come to the right place. Posh Nails, Russian Volume Lashes extension will be the best choice you will ever make. 

What is eyelash extension?

If you wish to have a perfect eyelash for your holidays, for a big event, or in day-to-day life. Then an eyelash extension will be the best option. This treatment involves applying synthetic eyelashes on each natural eyelash to add extra volume and length. The maximum time it will take around to apply a full set is about an hour and a half. This treatment is very relaxing and most people fall asleep. Get this relaxing Eyelash Extension in Dubai from Posh Nails. 

Kinds of lash extension

If you do not know, there are different kinds of lash extensions, based on their length, thickness, and curvatures. Consult with your therapist and get the best that suits you. If you prefer a less full flutter, you can also grab half sets or just corner lashes. Make your lashes extended with Russian Volume Lashes to make your eyes look beautiful. 

How long do they last?

Just like the natural lash cycle, lash extension also has the same lifetime. That is between 4 – 6 weeks. In order to avoid patchy-looking eyelashes, it is good to top up your eyelash after 2 -3 weeks to make them complete and uniform. Russian lashes will last up to 8 weeks even without proper maintenance.  For this treatment visit the Best Parlour in Dubai, Posh Nails.

What are Russian lashes?

The Russian lashes are made from synthetic fibers of the same softness as classic lashes. As they are much thinner, the therapist will be able to apply more eyelashes. The Russian Volume Lashes are applied in a fan-like shape that gives more volume to the lashes. They are so light in weight and will last up to 50% longer when compared with other classic lashes.  

How to care for the lashes?

After every beauty care and treatment, it is very important to follow as advised. To take better care of the lashes you must follow certain steps,

  • Avoid using water on the face

It is important to stay away from water for 24 hours after the extension treatment. 

  • Exclude oil-based beauty products

After getting an eyelash extension treatment, it is good to avoid oil-based beauty products around the eyes. It dissolves the glue much faster. 

  • Comb the lashes carefully

Your lashes might get twisted in the morning. Use a little brush to get them in place. 

To know more about Russian Volume Lashes and how to take proper care of them approach Posh Nails. The experts can provide you with proper advice and can make your lashes look more attractive.

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